torsdag den 20. december 2012

The art of progress #1

It's been.. a while since my last update.
Nothing much has happened and I'm telling my self it's because I've been busy with school, but I guess I'm just lazy. So nothing new.

But now I've just realized how busy I'm going to be at the start of 2013 D:!!!!
First, I have my internship at the National Museum of Denmark (Yay! Making medival costumes for kids! <3) And right after that, I have this kinda big jacket/coat projekt that needs to be done sometime in March. Just like my J-pop costumes... So I need to get up and going NAAAAAAAAAAO!

So today I started working on the hoodie for Taokaka.
I'm finding the construction (?) of the collar of the hoodie to be very troublesome since it (in my opinion) has to be cut in the same piece as the front is (Okay, all this techncial stuff in English is giving me a hard time. Stay with me.)
When I'm looking at other Tao cosplayers they all seem to have added the collar to the front piece separately. So I had to find my pattern book and ask a couple of my friends at school if they had any suggestions of how to do this. And I must say I feel SO lucky to have such brilliant classmates! They helped me out a LOT by finding the perfect technique <3
I figured out how to do it after a couple of hours of cutting, gluing (swearing) and trying on my paper collar I finally got the shape I wanted! BLISSS!

So far so good.
Next I need to make a sample to I will know if it fits!
I also have to practice walking in these monsters some more...
I'm seriously starting to fear for my own safety when wearing them. But HEY! I'm just as tall as Mona with 'em on! Gotta count for something, right?
(How the hell am I gonna perform a fighting skit wearing those? What was I thinking? Why do I ALWAYS end up with the impossible shoes....)
Next week I'll meet up with Keon who has some ideas for the claws and the eyes. Yayayay!
So. Tao's on a roll!

What else can I tell you...

My vikings!
Veeeeery little progress here but enough to take pictures of!

Mathias was so kind to donates this wonderful fake suede to Project Fierce red head!

So now I'm one excuse less for working on my Abba cosplay!

Next up is
Astrid... My knitted viking from hell.
I've actually learned the basics of knitting and I'm kinda beginning to get the hang of it. I think. But it's just such a slow process! D: Makes it so easy to postpone... Oh well it's great for boring classes!

Besides the knitting I've started to sculp a sample of the skulls for her br00tal belt. Now I've never been good at sculpting but I like to think this could be worse.... Right? RIGHT?

Well that's all my progress...
Now I just have to wrap this post up nicely to to ensure you'll read the next one too. And what better way to end this first part with ANOTHER cosplay plan to my endless list:

Shaina (yes, that's her name) from Saint Seiya
With Ice-nine as Marin

Hopefully Friday at J-popcon 2013
We have this secret dream of becoming fitness instructors inside joke with the Saint Seiya series and we wanted a simple (HA!) costume for the first day of the con.
Also it has pink on it. And brown.

That's it for me.
Happy apocalypse and please stay raptor!

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