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This is me!

Welcome to my raptorlicious blog!

This will be my future diary concerning all my sewing/crafting projects/plans/ideas. And you are invited! Lucky you!

First; allow me to tell a little about myself:
My name is Anne, I'm 21 and I'm a danish cosplayer. Right now I'm attending a sewing school in Copenhagen, improving my skills so I - hopefully - will be able to create a living for what I love: Creating wonderful costumes!

I've cosplayed since fall 2006 and I've always made my own costumes. As a kid I always LOVED to dress up and since we don't have Halloween in Denmark, I rarely got the chance .___.

But all that changed when I by coincidence read about a phenomenon called ''cosplay.''
At that time I already read mangas and really loved it so swish, I whipped up a hideous closet cosplay of a stupid OC from  Tokyo Mew Mew and attended an event in Copenhagen.
That led to new friends, which led to even more friends and when I attended my very first convention everyhing got so much more fun!

Since then I've attended every cosplay competition in Denmark, except the ones I have hosted and that one time I got to be a judge <3

 Ame Warashi (Xxxholic) 2010

 Saya (+Blood) 2010

 Tsunade (Naruto) 2009?

Dokuro-Chan (Bokusastu Tenshi Dokuro-Chan) 2008

 Tai (Digimon) 2011

Because of me participating in everything cosplay I eventually won some prizes and qualifycations.

In 2011 I won the preliminaries for the Euro Cosplay Championship 2011 in London with my Souseiseki (Rozen Maiden) coslay. It was so unreal! I really wanted to win, and I worked really hardto get the costume just the way I wanted.

 Souseiseki (Rozen Maiden) 2011

Now it was on! My first big competition outside the boarders of tiny Denmark. I was so thrilled but also nervous! Everyone who attended the finals is really great cosplayers! Very intimidating. But I went and did my thing. Unfortunately, I'm much more of a stage/show cosplayer, than purely a crafty one... But I had a great time, and I met lots and lots of fantastic people!

My costume for the finals was the godess version of Hikari Shidou from Magic Knight Rayearth by CLAMP.
It was my inner pink princess who forced me to do it!

Hikaru Shidou (Magic Knight Rayearth)
Impossible to resist....

2 weeks after the finals I attented the cosplay competition of J-popcon, and totally (and along with my lovely team) winning the preliminaries for the Euro Cosplay Gathering in Paris!
Once again I had this How-Is-This-Even-Possible? feeling of cause mixed with sheer joy!
 Mami Tomoe (Madoka Magica) 2011

We started working on our costumes in January after deciding what we wanted to do. It was kinda obvious. It had to be big and detailed. But we wanted to be familiar with the series and the characters and we all wanted to be pretty!

Trinity Blood!
We got started and fast forward we won 2nd place in the finals!
Now if I ever thought it impossible for be to even make it to the finals, this was just silly.
But we did it and we're all really proud!

Esther Blanchett (Trinity Blood) 2012

When I'm not IN a competition or show, I usually host 'em.
Since 2009 I've been the team Leader and host of Genki's Cosplay Show <33333
A job I take very serioulsy and love! One thing is to participate in a show, another thing is to  make everything happen, and I really love that challenge. Suddenly it's not all about you. On the contrary it's about everyone else. The participants, the audience... no-one here to seeYOU, and that may be a little hard to comprehend. But it's doesn't really matter. Because the feeling you get when the show is over and everything (hopefully) went well: It's so great! Even though it's hard. Like... really hard!

Rin Kagamine (Vocaloid Bonus Stage) 2012

Wall of text, look at me, look at me!
I know. But hey, it's my blog, it's all about me!

Raptor ~

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