søndag den 16. september 2012

Plans and the big Break

My motivation is Gone.
Have you seen it?

For the last couple of week I haven't felt like doing anything.
It might have something to do with what some people call TOTAL LACK OF MONEY WHATSOEVER. I call it laziness.

And when I can't actually make cosplays, I prefer to dream about what I may cosplay as in the future.
Sadly I'm not attending any convention untill March, so now I have this looong period with no deadlines and no cosplay stress. LOVELY.

No, not really.

See, I'm the kind of cosplayer that only cosplays at conventions. I'm not able to finish anything unless I have to use it in some sort of competiotion or because I'm part of a bigger group. And this year I only attended one competiotion. ONE! What the fuck! Because of that, I've only made one costume. (Well, technically one and a half, but still.)
I am SO bored and I need to finish and wear something soon or else, I'll go mad.

This is where my excellent skills of planning too far in the future kicks in!

Since I'm a true master in the ancient art of Changing My Plans i won't post ALL of my plans here. I'll just change it and confuse not only you, but myself as well.

Here goes:

Zria Gargarik - Shaman King
Originally I wanted to make this costume so I had a so called ''snow cosplay.''
I really love the Series of Shaman King and her design is so sweet. Just perfect.
I began the work in December 2011 and then.. got stuck. Right now my bad excuse for not working on any costume is that I'm totally and utterly BROKE! Bur in this case I already have al the fabric and the wig so there's really no excuse...

Fio Piccolo - Porco Rosso
It seems a lot of my fellow cosplay friends have their own personal ''Miyasaki girl'' they've cosplayed and I wanna join! It will be as this lovely lady from my favourite Miyazaki movie.

Toph Beifong - Avatar: The Last Airbender
All ways wanted to do a Toph cosplay. Ever since I did her fire nation outfit back in 2010 I've really wanted to make her green outfit as well.
I've bought the wig and got some fabric samples, so I really hope to get it done this fall!

Scanty - Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt
This is my favourite plan so far! For J-popcon 2013-
Scanty is my favorite character from the series and she basically contains everything I love!
Pointy ears
Wicked eye color
Huuuge false eyelashes
And an opportunity to paint myself red.
What's not to love?
And the best part: I will be cosplaying with my Munna as my Knee Socks. You're in for a real treat! <3

Himawari Kunogi - Xxxholic
This outfit or another. The're now way I can tell right now. D:

A new cosplay competition has seen the day:At Animecon 2013 in The Netherlands you can enter a competition wherein you have to team up with cosplayers from another country! I'm so lucky to be able to team up with a couple of cool guys from Germany, Switzerland and Belguim!
We will be cosplaying from my favorite series Xxxholic! It's going to be SOOOOOO NICE!

That's all for the planning, Once we get to 2013 I'm going to be busy again!
Right now I'm just trying to work on Zria and Toph, enjoying the fact I don't have an actual deadline.
I might as well seize this opportunity to focus on my school and my new job.

Maybe this break isn't so bad after all...


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  1. coool, dude there's a new cosplay competition!! I dreamt of such competition for years, so awesome to hear. And a lot of lovely plans though I'm totally with you on the overflow of planning when not busy making anything. Another thing that made me happy is that you actually love porco rosso! So many people overlook that wonderful piece of story! Why not join me in Gothenburg as Toph this december? I'mma going to make a Dai Li earth bender.